Superheroes Always Get Stuff Done (and so should you)

Daily task lists, notebooks, whiteboards and sticky notes aren’t exactly a new concept, but how do you prioritize all the things on your list? And where did that notebook go? Let’s pretend for a minute that you are a photographer… Continue Reading →

Turning Goals Into Daily Habits

You’ve been thinking about that dream vacation for years, but you don’t seem to be getting any closer to it. Sound familiar? Having big goals is great, but you won’t reach them unless you find a way to get there… Continue Reading →

Quarterly & Monthly Goal Setting

Stormboard wants to help you get organized and get things done in 2015! That’s why we created a new set of templates designed for goal setting and productivity. If you’ve been thinking about your 2015 goals lately, but you haven’t… Continue Reading →

Matrix Templates

When collaborating with a team, it can be difficult to determine which projects and tasks are top priority. This is where Stormboard’s Matrix Templates come in. Our library includes templates that determine Impact vs. Effort, Customer Value vs. Time to… Continue Reading →

Customizable Section Templates in Stormboard

While Stormboard offers a wide range of templates based on popular business processes, sometimes you need to do a little bit of customization. That’s what section templates are for. To modify your own section template start by selecting the number… Continue Reading →

Write a Mission Statement That Truly Represents Your Company

Is your mission statement something that truly represents the core values of your company? Or is it something that a few people thought up over a boardroom table? A mission statement written by a few members of a company will… Continue Reading →

Updated Stormboard Collaboration Templates

Stormboard just revised all of our templates with a great new look! Here are a list of the templates we have now. And more coming! Basic Templates: We have our 3,5 and 10 section templates that lets you easily group your… Continue Reading →

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