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In-Person Meetings Are Expensive: The Cost of Traveling For Face-To-Face Collaboration

The cost of having remote employees travel for in-person meetings can be astronomical, and impact heavily on their stress and well-being. According to a white paper by, a five-person meeting conducted in-person (involving plane travel for four of the… Continue Reading →

Meetings Are A Waste Of Time And Money: Stormboard Can Help

Did you know that meetings take up a lot more time than the hours spent actually in them? And that this leads to billions of wasted dollars? Three consultants from Bain teamed with VoloMetrix, an enterprise analytics company, to take… Continue Reading →

How Much Do Meetings Cost Your Company?

Why do you hold a meeting? Are you trying to come up with a new product, get a weekly status update, or determine obstacles to increasing revenue? The goal of these meetings is to come up with solutions, get your… Continue Reading →

Remote Employees 101: Your Guide To Location-Independent Collaboration

Thanks to technology that allows for digital collaboration, the remote employee workforce is growing rapidly. According to the American Time Use Survey, among workers age 25 and over, 43% of those with an advanced degree perform some, if not all,… Continue Reading →

Stormboard Can Help Your Company Grow By Facilitating Remote Work

Can remote work help your company grow and make your employees more productive? According to an article on CNET, a report put out by the Gallup’s State of the American Worker concluded that “from 2012 to 2016, the percentage of… Continue Reading →

Cloud Collaboration Tools are Changing How We Work

Cloud collaboration is becoming an undeniably important part of how we work. If you’re a cloud believer and you’re looking for ways to explain to the skeptics why it’s such a good idea, we’d like to present you with 4… Continue Reading →

Meetings are Better When Everyone Can Speak Up

The general consensus is that meetings aren’t effective, especially if they’re repetitive and lack purpose. Here’s a little insight into why that’s true and what you can do about it. The average office worker spends approximately four hours a week… Continue Reading →

Un-Office Etiquette for Remote Workers

The world of work is becoming progressively more distributed, and having a host of remote employees is both an advantage and a challenge. On one hand, remote workers have fewer distractions to deal with, they probably spend less time in… Continue Reading →

Stop Trying to Look Smart In Meetings

Have you seen this rather hilarious (and somewhat devastating) set of slides, created by blogger Sarah Cooper? These slides poke fun at 10 things people do in meetings to “appear” smarter and basically fill up the time until they can get… Continue Reading →

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