New Features

Stormboard Embeds Microsoft Office Online!

Viewing, sharing and collaborating on Office documents inside Stormboard helps turn ideas into action. For Release Wednesday, March 29, 2017- 5am PST Redmond, Washington – Today at the Microsoft CxO Summit, Stormboard (, released a major upgrade to enable the first… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Surface Hub gets Stormboard real-time whiteboard capability

Edmonton, Canada – Stormboard (, a launch partner for the Microsoft Surface Hub, today released a major upgrade to enable the first and only real-time drawing capability between multiple Surface Hubs. Teams in the same room or remotely on their own… Continue Reading →

Major new template upgrades!

In our efforts to make it easier to turn your ideas into action, we’ve been hard at work re-imagining how you can use templates in Stormboard. Buckle in, there is a lot to cover in this blog post! New Template… Continue Reading →

New Feature: Activity Tracking! Keep up on what’s new in your storms!

One of the key benefits of Stormboard is you can use it both real time and on your own time. Or said in a nerdier way, synchronous and asynchronous. When using Stormboard together with other users either in the same room… Continue Reading →

Custom Stormboard Legends

One of the often requested Stormboard features is custom legends colors. Legends in Stormboard are great because it’s a flexible way to categorize your ideas. Today it’s even more flexible! To access it, click the storm administrator can click the Setup button… Continue Reading →

Top 9 new Stormboard Features and Interface Upgrades!

Today we’re launching an exciting new update to Stormboard. We’ve listened to our users and have taken the best suggestions on how to make Stormboard easier to use, more fun and quicker to access many of the features. Where did… Continue Reading →

Connect Ideas with Line Connectors!

We’ve got a great new feature being launched today. Introducing Line Connectors! Connecting lines make it easier to see relationships between ideas, or to separate tasks or ideas into smaller definitions. Line connectors also create connections between interdependent ideas, without… Continue Reading →

More Reporting Options

Reporting is an important part of Stormboard, so we decided to add more reports to make your life even easier. These new exports/reports will make it easier to share your storm information with more people in the way that works… Continue Reading →

Stormboard is Taking Realtime Sticky Note Collaboration to New Levels with Index Cards!

Today Stormboard is releasing an exciting new feature, Index Cards! Just like a physical Index Card, these cards allow you to easily group and organize ideas. Each item on an Index Card is still like any sticky note in Stormboard and… Continue Reading →

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