Stormboard is an ideal tool for large businesses and Enterprise Teams to use together during meetings or long planning sessions, but your subscription can also be utilized by individuals and small teams who are working on their own projects within your organization.

To give you some inspiration for other ways to use your Stormboard subscription, we’ve rounded up our top templates for individual and small team projects.

Get Stuff Done

The goal of the Get Stuff Done Template is to prioritize the most important items on your to-do list (or lists).

This is where the timeliest tasks that you need to accomplish are kept so you can access them quickly and easily. Once you have accomplished your tasks for the day, simply move the sticky note into the Nailed It section.

Event Planning

Whether it’s a conference, corporate event, or your manager’s birthday party — the Event Planning template will help you keep all your ideas, to-do items, and inspirations organized and on-track.

This template is divided into ten key sections that will help you decide on a venue, theme, agenda for the event, the menu, staffing requirements, presentation (or speech) topics, entertainment options, marketing or invitations, equipment and supplies required, and all of your important contacts.

Getting Things Done

The Getting Things Done (GTS) Template is a time management method that is described in a book of the same name by David Allen. The method is based on the idea of moving important tasks and projects out of your head by recording them externally and breaking them down into actionable pieces.

The goal of this process is to spend less time working, and more time doing the things that you want to do. The template is divided into eight sections: Inbox, Do It Now!, Waiting On, Delegate, Someday/Maybe, Project, Schedule, and File or Trash.

Job Description Brainstorm

If a position has opened up on your team, or you are hoping to create a new role, the Job Description Brainstorm Template is exactly what you need.

The template is divided into three sections that encourage you to brainstorm a general description of the job, the roles and responsibilities, and the skill or education requirements necessary to apply. 

Pros vs. Cons

Whether you are on the verge of making an important business decision, deciding between two projects, or making a life-changing personal decision, the Pros vs. Cons Template can help you lay out all the aspects of your choices and make an informed decision.

This simple template is made up of two sections — Pros and Cons.


SIRS (which stands for Stop, Improve, Redesign, and Start) is a simple template that allows teams or individuals to stop, take a look at what they are doing, and make a plan for change going forward.

Thinking Process

Based on the thinking process in M. Goldratt’s theory of constraints, this template uses five sections to enable focused improvement and breakthrough solutions by identifying, challenging, and correcting previous assumptions.

The Thinking Process Template’s sections ask you to identify what to change, what to change into, how to cause the change, why change, and how to maintain the process of ongoing improvement.

Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

The Short-Term and Long-Term Goal Setting Template is the perfect way to set personal or business-related goals.

The template is divided into four sections that allow you to set short-term goals, mid-range goals, long-term goals, and very long-range goals.

Turn Goals into Daily Habits

The Turn Goals into Daily Habits Goal Setting Template is the perfect way to set goals that you want to eventually become a daily practice.

The template is divided into three sections that allow you to set your ultimate goals, determine how you will reach your goals, and decide what daily habits you will need to perform in order to align your day-to-day life with your goals.

Action Brainstorming

The Action Brainstorming Template is ideal for examining which behaviors and actions are not helping you to serve your clients, align with company values, and accomplish your goals. Use this template for a high-level look at your company processes, an in-depth examination of what isn’t working for a department, or to get yourself out of a rut and get moving.

The five labeled columns will help you identify what actions you need to stop, what you need to minimize or do less of, what needs to keep going, what you know you should be doing more of, and what you need to start doing in order to move your priorities forward.

Five Why’s

The Five Why’s Template is used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships that underlie a specific problem.

The primary goal of using this template is to determine the root cause of a problem by asking the questions “Why?” five times. Each answer forms the basis of the next question until you drill down to the ultimate cause. Don’t see what you’re looking for?

If you don’t see a template that will work for you, don’t worry!

Stormboard has hundreds of templates to choose from. You can search through them by pressing the “Template” button at the bottom of your Storm (what we call your digital workspace), or you can visit the template gallery.

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