People all over the world are now moving towards an entirely digital workflow. Using a digital workspace is great for reducing waste, your impact on the environment, and general office clutter.

But an even better outcome of making your meetings digital is that you actually improve productivity and collaboration!

When you make your boardroom digital, your team is freed from the shackles of their paper prison. You no longer have to look through piles of papers or frantically print out your meeting minutes just before heading into the boardroom. No one will waste time looking for new dry-erase board markers or working around P.L.O. information from previous meetings.

Instead, you will have a focused, clear way of working that will save time, resources, and accomplish more.

leverage your team digital boardroom microsoft surface hub 2s details

Here’s why making your boardroom digital leverages your team.

Team Collaboration Improves

By using technology like the new Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, and integrated tools like Stormboard, you can improve collaboration among team members.

The Surface Hub 2S has a 50-inch screen (the 85-inch model is coming in 2020), that visually shows your team what their collaborative efforts look like, just like traditional whiteboards. But, unlike a whiteboard, the Surface Hub 2S utilizes a workspace that stores all of your information digitally.

Using Stormboard with the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S allows your team to add content, comment on, vote on, and prioritize the most important content during meetings. Once your meeting is over, your team can access Stormboard from any device to keep the momentum and collaboration going.

Mixing Up Your Meetings

Part of why people hate meetings is because they are always held in the same spot, facing the same whiteboard. Working in the same physical space all the time stagnates work and stalls creativity.

The Steelcase Roam™ mobile stand easily moves the Surface Hub 2S to different areas of your space. You can have team meetings in an office, a lounge, even in the sundrenched lobby! Once it is charged, the Hub 2S will stay up and running for two hours without plugging it in. And, at 61.6 pounds, it’s lighter than previous versions, so transporting it to different locations is a snap!

leverage your team digital boardroom microsoft surface hub 2s details

Another way to mix up your meetings is to change the way you look at things — literally! The new Surface Hub 2S rotates vertically and horizontally. Turn the display to vertical portrait mode for conference calls and viewing documents. Using the Surface Hub 2S in the horizontal landscape mode is great for drawing (along with the Surface Hub 2 Pen) or giving presentations.

If you have one or more Surface Hub 2S displays in your office, you can even tile them to make your digital workspace longer. Don’t confine your collaboration to just one screen!

Creativity is Sparked

Looking back and forth from a whiteboard to your laptop to the meeting facilitator to paper meeting agendas never gives anyone time to think!

Using new and innovate technology sparks inspiration, but it also frees up time for teams to think, create, and innovate.

If value is the ultimate goal, creativity is the engine that gets us there. (Source)

If you want to hold the attention of your meeting attendees, give their brains some breathing room AND blow their minds at the same time! The Surface Hub 2S has a 4K+ resolution screen, which means that when you capture all of the important meeting content in Stormboard, it will look amazing!

The interactive touch display will inspire collaboration and make adding content to your Storms (what we call your digital workspace) more streamlined.

Working Remotely is Simplified

Working remotely doesn’t always mean being 500 miles away from the office.

Many businesses have several locations in the same city or across their state, which makes working remotely the only way they CAN work!

Collaborating remotely with Stormboard on the Surface Hub 2S allows anyone to join in on meetings through video conferencing. Anyone and everyone who is working remotely will be able to keep up to date with each different team in each different location.

Get Started

Making your boardroom digital is a big advantage to your Enterprise. Your team members, both remote and local, get to experience great technology while being a part of something bigger!

Go digital and make your meetings better — learn more about how Stormboard works with the NEW Microsoft Surface Hub 2S here!

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