Searching for something on your computer or within a software program takes a lot of time out of your day. You spend time searching for specific notes uploaded weeks or even beforehand. It’s a huge hassle!

This is where Stormboard’s search feature comes in to help!

If you search for something in your Storm (what we call your digital workspace), don’t waste time opening every sticky note. That takes valuable time away from more important work and, honestly, is just plain overwhelming.

Instead of wasting time, use the Search tab to instantly find the file, document, image, idea, drawing, or video that you’re looking for. This feature eliminates the need to sort through every idea in a Storm (or Substorm) to find what you’re looking for. Interruptions to your workflow are non-existent!

Since Stormboard keeps everything in one place — your files, images, and more — you only need to search through a single platform. That means no more browsing through your entire computer or multiple software platforms!

How to Access the Search Tab

Accessing the Search tab is simple!

When you log in to your Stormboard account, open any existing Storms. In the top right-hand corner of your Storm is a menu bar. Select ‘Search’ and it will open the menu (shown below).

You’ll then be able to select from the different options to narrow down your search.

How to Use the Search Menu

Search Bar

One way to search is with the general search bar. Type in what you are looking for. The Storm dims unnecessary information and highlights what you need.

When looking for an image, type the name/title of that image. If that image is in the Storm you are searching, it will appear.

If you aren’t sure how to name an image for easier access, hover over the note with the image on it. Click the small pencil icon to rename the image (shown below). Then, the image sticky note is easier to search with a name!

You can’t directly search for videos. You can, however, search by the video’s sticky note shape or color, or by their comments or votes. For example, if a video is in a pink, square sticky note, select “Pink” from the color options in the search bar, and ‘Square’ from the shape options. This narrows down the search to easily find the video.

To search for a file, type the name or part of the file name in the search bar. The search will show the file titles/names (but not file content). Stormboard is integrated with Microsoft 365, so there are lots of file types to choose from!


Under the ‘Ideas’ heading is the ‘New’ option. By selecting this, it will show you the newest ideas in that Storm.


‘Assignment’ provides a drop-down menu bar with the options ‘All’, ‘Assigned’, ‘Not Assigned’, as well as the names of participants in your Storm.

‘Assigned’ shows sticky notes that are tasks assigned to your team members; ‘Not Assigned’ shows sticky notes that have not been assigned. ‘All’ takes you back to a normal screen. If you need to see an assignment for a specific person, choose their name.


The ‘Due’ heading also provides a drop-down menu (shown below). The options in the menu include ‘Not Scheduled’, ‘Overdue’, ‘Today’, ‘This Week’, and ‘Next Week’.

Use this section to pinpoint a task that is due or past due in the Storm.


This allows you to look for specific comments posted on notes. If you want to see all comments, select ‘All’. Select ‘Mine’ to see your own comments, ‘Unread’ to see comments that haven’t been viewed, or ‘None’ to see notes with no comments on them.


Select ‘All’ to see all the votes in a Storm. Select ‘Mine’ to see your votes, ‘Top 10’ to see the top ten sticky notes that have been voted on, or ‘None’ to see notes without any votes.

Colors and Shapes

To search by color, select the color you are searching for. The only notes highlighted will be that color of that note.

If you have different-shaped ideas in your Storm and want to see notes of a certain shape (for example, the square), select that shape. Your Storm will then show only the square-shaped notes.

To collapse the search bar, click on it the same way you opened it. It will close and you can go back to Storming!

Don’t waste time digging through endless files and notes — use the search feature to find all your information!

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Explore the ‘Search’ feature and sign up for Stormboard now!