Here at Stormboard, we believe one of the most important jobs in the world is educating future generations of leaders, creators, and innovators. What better way to support the hardworking teachers who take on that task than by extending our FREE Education Plans until the end of 2019!

How to Qualify for the FREE Education Plan:

  • You are planning on using Stormboard for classroom education between teachers and students (if you will be using it for administrative work between faculty members, we ask that you use one of our regular plans).
  • You are planning on using Stormboard in a formally accredited K-12 (or higher education) school.
  • A valid school email address will be used to register for your Stormboard Education Account.

Teachers from all over the world can use our Education Plan. We want to help your students receive the best education possible!

Features of the FREE Education Plan:

  • Creating unlimited Storms.
  • Unlimited users per Storm, so the whole class can participate!
  • Access to Microsoft Office Online to co-edit documents.
  • Template section labels to conveniently organize and access your Storms.
  • And more!

Share Your Stormboard Experience With Us!

We love hearing about the different ways that you use Stormboard! To share the innovative and exciting ways you Stormboard with your students, let us know by:

  • Getting in touch with us using this contact form, or
  • Tagging us on Twitter or Facebook telling us how you use Stormboard in your classroom.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for regular blogs and updates, or to reach out with any questions you have.

Ready To Sign Up?

Click here to see the complete list of the Education Plan features and to sign up now for FREE!

*If you are interested in using a full Stormboard featured license with your staff at your institution or educational district, please contact us to provide you with more detailed information.