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In last week’s blog, we showed you how to organize content in Stormboard — but organization is only the start. Once you organize, you have to prioritize!

During a traditional meeting, it can be tough to choose which content it most important to discuss and move forward with. Team members can verbally say what they think is important and vote by raising their hands. However, this can result in people not getting heard, not saying how they really feel because voting isn’t anonymous, and being talked over by the more outgoing participants. Also, content can get easily lost in the mix when there is no prioritization.

If content does end up being prioritized in some way, the facilitator delegates tasks or assignments to their team verbally and/or has the intention to email them after the meeting to confirm.

Why isn’t this reliable?

Verbally telling people what they need to do is fine, but more often than not they forget, are not clear on what needs to be done, or there is no clear deadline set.

Emailing out assignments or follow-up is what is most commonly done after a meeting, but even that has its challenges. The meeting facilitator may forget to send the emails or send them late, causing work to be pushed back or forgotten about, slowing or completely stalling momentum.

Prioritizing Ideas in Stormboard

When your team uses Stormboard, you don’t need to rely on old-fashioned tactics to prioritize ideas.

Here are the ways Stormboard improves prioritization:

Voting on Ideas

Every single sticky note in Stormboard — no matter the type —can be voted on. This feature makes it simple to gather quick, anonymous feedback from your team.

Agree with an idea your team member added? Give it a vote to let them know! If an idea has lots of votes it can help set priorities.

To vote on a sticky note, click the small icon second from the bottom-left corner (shown below). The icon will show how many votes that sticky currently has. If none, it will say 0.

Next, a plus and minus option will appear. To vote, click the plus sign, and your vote will be cast. You can vote multiple times on one sticky. If you need to remove a vote, click on the minus button.

Keep in mind that a Storm administrator is able to change how many votes each participant has. To see a step-by-step guide on how to vote on a sticky note, watch our YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNvWqFyg2ic.


Not only can you vote on sticky notes, but you can also comment on them. This is a perfect way to let someone know what you think of their idea. For example, if you love an idea your co-worker came up with, leave a comment with your input so they can get instant feedback.

Every note has a place for comments, and unlimited comments can be left.

To comment on a sticky note, click on the small speech bubble icon in the bottom left-hand corner of any sticky note (shown below).

A new dialog box where you can write your comment will appear. Type your comment and hit the small check mark when you are done to submit it (shown below).

Comment threads are a great way to supplement voting because you can be more specific on why you think an idea works or doesn’t work.

Assigning Tasks

After voting on content, and setting priorities, you can assign individual sticky notes to your team members as tasks.

This ensures that everyone knows what they are responsible for at the end of a meeting and gives the facilitator a place to check in on deadlines and a task’s progress.

To assign a sticky note as a task, click the small grey checkmark in the bottom right-hand corner of the note (shown below).


That will open a new dialog box where you can assign the sticky note to a Storm participant and set a deadline.

When you’re done, the sticky note you just assigned will now have the initials of the person it was assigned to on the bottom right-hand corner where the grey check mark was (shown below).

The person you assign the task to will be notified in their Task Tab, which is in the upper right-hand corner of the Storm.

Once the task/idea is complete, the participant just has to select their initials on the sticky and click the checkmark next to the ‘Completed’ option. This will notify the person who assigned it that the task is finished — which is much easier that trying to keep track of someone via email or in person.

Watch our Pro Tip YouTube video below to see how to assign tasks!

Assigning tasks is an ideal way to prioritize ideas and make sure work is getting done! With Stormboard, no one will forget or lose track of what has been assigned to them.

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