We are excited to launch six NEW templates to our template gallery for you to start using in your meetings, collaborations, or brainstorming sessions!

Some of these templates will also be available as sections that can be inserted into a different template. For example, you will be able to insert the Funnel shape into a section of your Agile template.

You can also change the color of any of the templates and sections to customize your Storms.

New Templates

Venn Diagram

Our first new template is the classic Venn Diagram. We offer this in a two-ring and three-ring format so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The Venn Diagram allows you to find all possible relations (things in common) between ideas! This style of chart is commonly used in schools, but it can also be applied for business and personal use. Both Venn Diagram templates are shown in the images below.

Did you know? If you look at the three-ring Venn Diagram, you will be able to see Stormboard’s logo!



Our next new template is the Circle Template. We offer two, three, four, five, and six section Circle templates for you to choose from.

These can be used in various ways — for example, as a pie chart. These templates are also ideal for organizing your ideas.

An example of the three-section circle template can be seen below.

Concentric Circles 

The Concentric Circle Template is similar to the circle template, but instead of the circles being separated into split sections, they are in rings. This helps you to visualize a group of data within a group of data.

We offer two, three, and four ring concentric circle templates for you to choose from. An example of the three-ring Concentric Circle template can be seen below.


Funnel charts are ideal for visualizing and organizing the stages of your process in a funnel-like diagram. This chart is often used among sales teams.

We offer four different three-zone Funnel templates, including left, right, down, and up. Below are examples of the Down Funnel template and the Left Funnel template.


With the Bullseye template, you will be able to determine how close to your objective your notes are. Bullseye charts are useful for plotting data (data that is both quantitative and continuous in measurement).

We offer three-section and four-section Bullseye templates for you to choose from. Below is an example of the four-section Bullseye template.


The Fishbone diagram (or Ishikawa diagram) is a popular problem-solving tool that allows users to get to the root cause of an issue by listing all possible causes and narrowing down from there.

The ‘head’ of the fish is where you write the problem, and the ‘bones’ of the fish are where you will identify the categories and the causes.

An example of the Fishbone template can be seen below.

You can find all of the new templates in our template gallery.


New Sections

In addition to the new templates, we are also making some of the shapes available to be added into individual sections of your Storm (as an enhancement to a template you already have in place), which will help you to visually organize information in different ways.

Each of Stormboard’s built-in section shapes work with our custom smart reporting, which means that when you run a report, it will know exactly where in the shape your notes are located.

This feature is now available for Business and Enterprise subscribers. If you are on a trial or Personal Plan and would like to upgrade to a paid account, visit our pricing page.


What shapes are available?

1) Bullseye 

To make the bullseye your own, you can customize the header color, the number of rings, labels, and the number of slices.

2) Fishbone 

As with our other section shapes, the Fishbone can be customized. The header color, the problem (the ‘head’ of the fish), and the categories (‘bones’ of the fish) can all be changed.

3) Funnel 

You are able to customize the header color, number of zones (or stages), the orientation (the direction of your funnel), and the labels.

4) Venn Diagram 

With the Venn diagram, you can customize the header color, the number of circles you want, and the labels.


How do you change your Storm template section to one of these shapes?

1) Open a new or existing Storm.

2) Click on the small pencil icon on the section you would like to change and choose the ‘Edit’ option.

3) A smaller window will open. Choose the tab that says ‘Type’ (shown below).

4) In the drop-down menu, select ‘Shape’.

5) Then, select the shape you would like to use.

6) Customize the shape the way you want, and press ‘Save’.

Are you ready to try out our new templates and sections? Sign up for an account today!