Do you use video or voice conferencing in your meetings, but get frustrated when the person on the other end of the call can’t follow along with the discussion?

This is all too common.

While video conferencing is a useful tool, it can be hard to show the person on the screen what the rest of the people in the room are working on.

Screen sharing, turning a webcam to face a whiteboard, or awkwardly holding up pages can be tiresome and awkward. If it’s a voice conference call, you can’t see each other at all, or you end up talking over each other — which makes collaborating a challenge.

How Stormboard can help enhance video conferencing

Adding Stormboard to your next Skype, Webex or Zoom call will take your video conference to the next level!

After you sign up for Stormboard and any of the video conferencing services listed above, get everyone in your team connected and start meeting!

When video chatting, have Stormboard open to the specific Storm you’ve created for your team (what we call your digital workspace), invite people to your Storm, and each person who is now in the Storm can contribute their points on a shared whiteboard on any device in any location, in real-time, while simultaneously communicating via the video chat.

While your first instinct might be to share your screen with everyone (which you can), Stormboard works even better if your team logs in to the storm themselves so they can be active participants. When done this way, there is zero lag, as everyone is connected in real-time!

Videos, notes, documents, images, and more can be posted to a Storm, so when everyone is giving input, ideas won’t be missed.

For Microsoft Surface Hub users, Skype and Stormboard are great tools to use next to each other to have your most productive meeting yet.

How Stormboard can help enhance conference calls

Traditional conference calls are great for having a conversation when everyone can’t be in one room, however, they lack an easy way to interact visually on the issues and tasks being discussed.

Making sure to get everyone’s input is challenging when people have to be determined to get time on the “mic” to say their piece. These meetings often become mini presentations for key people rather than true real-time collaboration for everyone.

Conference calls can be especially difficult when dealing with remote teams in multiple locations where some participants might be working in their second language. Your meeting participants might have something to contribute but may be too shy or nervous to speak up in a language that isn’t their first.

If you use Stormboard, everyone involved in the meeting and the conference call can work on the same Storm at the same time, no matter where they are, from any device! Meeting input can be contributed, assigned, and voted on no matter who is speaking. This way no one is left out of the conversation and there is no risk of missing any important ideas as the discussion progresses.

And, if there is a language barrier, having a Storm to follow along with — or reference later — is much easier than trying to navigate a confusing conversation.

Why choose Stormboard?

Stormboard’s goal is to make your meetings better and to create high-performing teams.

We offer different pricing options that will suit any team, and we have hundreds of templates to choose from that cater to almost any project or planning need imaginable.

Once you have signed up for an account (or a 30-day free trial), you can start creating Storms that allow you to post virtual sticky notes, upload documents that can be co-edited and saved, and so much more.

These features are ideal for teams and remote users who need something to complement the video and voice conferences they are already holding, and for those who need to maximize communication.

Video and voice conferencing tools alone are an awesome way to help conduct meetings and remote conversations — but having a platform like Stormboard to supplement them gets your work done faster, and ideas are able to be shared and saved instead of getting lost over a bad connection.


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