The concept of the “Cloud” is a mystery to many, and it can be a confusing topic to grasp at first — but it’s an important part of our digital landscape.

When it comes to security, many companies and organizations are transitioning to the cloud to make securing files easier and to ensure the full protection of everything they are storing.

Managing physical drives and other security options can be time-consuming and more difficult to update and move around, which is why the Cloud is gaining so much popularity.

But is having your data, files, and photos in a mysterious “cloud” instead of in a physical drive more secure or less secure? That’s what we aim to explain in this post.

What is the Cloud?

There are thousands of explanations on the web about what the Cloud is and how it can help with security, which is overwhelming, to say the least.

This quote from PC Mag is one of the clearest explanations that we could find:

“In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet.” (Source)

So, instead of storing an endless number of files on your physical drive, the Cloud offers an alternative — often with significantly more storage capability. This is ideal for larger or enterprise companies because the Cloud can handle a lot more data than your average hard drive.

“One of the benefits of cloud services is that you can operate at scale and still remain secure. It is similar to how you currently manage security, but now you have new ways of delivering security solutions that address new areas of concern.” (Source)

Is Cloud Security Safe?

Since the Cloud is still somewhat of an unknown concept to many, it’s easy to see why you might not be sure if it’s really that safe.

“Distrust of the Cloud derives from a lack of knowledge about the safeguards that exist to secure data and the circumstances that lead to data breaches. In reality, security problems often arise from human error, rather than shortcomings in Cloud infrastructure.” (Source)

It’s easy to trust that your files are safe on a regular hard drive because it’s something physical that is right in front of you and you can see if it is being hacked or compromised by someone else. However, though you can’t see the Cloud, it has many security advantages over a more traditional system.

Here are five reasons why the Cloud is a better option:

1. Reduces the chances of data being stolen or getting lost

The Cloud is more secure because it provides lower chances of any data from getting damaged, lost, or even stolen. With a hard drive (or something similar) files can be lost if deleted, but in the cloud, they are saved even if a device is broken.

It’s understandable that if you haven’t used the Cloud for security that you may be wary of data compromising from things like hacking, but this isn’t always directly the Cloud’s issue.

Human error is most often the cause of these issues, which can happen with traditional security systems as well. There will always be a tiny bit of risk anytime security and files are involved, but because of the large capacity and ease of use with the Cloud, it is the preferred way of keeping everything safe

2. Outside Security

When you work with Cloud Data, it’s stored somewhere other than your immediate location, which sounds scary at first. The reality is that when data is stored elsewhere, it is taken care of and monitored by a team who solely work with Cloud Security for companies.

“With the Cloud, you get access not only to the best data centers but also to highly skilled IT professionals.” (Source)

Just as the quote above says, you will have someone (usually IT professionals) to constantly update the systems and try to prevent any breaches from occurring. There’s no more worrying about forgetting to update systems or watch over data 24/7.

3. Save time and money

Equipment like hard drives can add up quickly, especially for larger companies that require lots of storage. When you switch over to a Cloud system, this frees you up of any bulky material that is costly to keep up with. Also, not having a lot of equipment means you don’t have to hire extra IT people or a security team to make sure the drives are safe and working properly.

4. Easy access

If you go with a traditional hard drive or something similar, it’s hard to access your data on anything but the device that it’s stored on. With the Cloud, your information can be accessed almost anywhere from various devices.

5. Fewer data emergencies

When a hard drive crashes, the data is most likely going to be lost forever (or a large amount of it is). You have to rely on backing data up with memory sticks and other devices. But with the Cloud, data is able to be recovered no matter how it was lost.

What Cloud service does Stormboard use?

Stormboard uses AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is one of the most trusted Cloud Security services, to keep all data safe. Our users’ security is our top priority, which is why we went with a well-known and proven Cloud Security service.

According to the AWS website, the main benefits of their service include:

  • Keep Your Data Safe
  • Meet Compliance Requirements
  • Save Money
  • Scale Quickly

Want to learn more about AWS? They provide a guide to their services here:

How does Stormboard keep your data safe?

Strong Data Encryption

All data transfer to and from our Cloud services is encrypted with Transport Layer Security (TLS). Stormboard’s implementation of TLS uses strong ciphers and protocols by default.

Security & Penetration Testing

The Stormboard Team performs thorough internal quality assurance testing. We also annually (at minimum) contract certified security professionals to conduct an extensive security audit (penetration test and web application vulnerability tests) of Stormboard.

Payment Processing

Stormboard uses Stripe for all payment processing, which means that we never store any of your credit card data.

Operational Security

Access to Stormboard’s systems and your data is restricted to only those who need access in order to provide you with the best support possible.

Risk Management

An integral part of the information security program, Stormboard conducts thorough and timely risk assessments. These assessments examine any potential threats and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Customer Data that is stored, transmitted, and/or processed for its Customers.

We then develop strategies to efficiently and effectively mitigate the risks identified in the assessment process.


We’re committed to protecting your privacy and intellectual property. Your privacy is important to us, all data collected and stored follows GDPR compliance.

If you have any questions regarding Stormboard’s Cloud Security platform, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We also provide information about our security features on our Trust & Security webpage (

It comes down to this….

Cloud security is all-around a more secure and efficient way of keeping data safe than a regular hard drive, especially for businesses that work with many clients and important information. Choosing Cloud security is a smart and savvy decision for keeping up with the future of data storage.


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