After ringing in the new year and coming back from the holidays, you feel recharged for the fresh start ahead of you. You’ve made your personal resolutions to change old habits and finally get that manuscript done.

But, have you set your business goals yet?

Setting business goals in the new year isn’t always as common as setting personal goals — even though it should be. Setting priorities for your company or team is just as important as setting them for yourself.

Taking steps to improve your personal life is important, but improving your professional life should be prioritized as well.

Why set business priorities?

Setting business priorities at the start of a new year is a way to keep your team organized, on track, and enthusiastic about the work that needs to be accomplished.

If you don’t take the time to set your priorities, it’s easy for your team to lose momentum and fall behind in their work. That can be avoided by having goals that take you through the rest of the year.

Think of how your business can be improved, and how your work environment can improve as well.

Get everyone involved!

In a business or organization, there is often a team of people who keep everything running, it’s rarely just one person (unless you work for yourself). When it comes to setting priorities for your business, the whole team should be involved right from the get-go.

If people are a part of your organization but aren’t included in the discussion, the priorities won’t fully reflect everyone working there, and that will eventually cause you to fall short of these goals.

Everyone’s input and opinions about the business should be considered. That’s also what makes it fun — making goal setting a collaborative effort.

Ditch the pen and paper

Does your business usually rely on writing things down? Make it a priority in 2019 to shift over to a digital platform, like Stormboard!

Writing ideas down on paper is ok, but there is a more efficient way. Paper can get lost and needs to be photocopied or captured by a smartphone in order to be shared. Whiteboards are good for meetings, but they can get erased too easily — and not everyone can be writing on one at the same time.

Digital platforms allow for remote communication and are a great tool to use for sharing documents in real time. Don’t let your ideas get lost! Keep them safe in the cloud or in a saved file.

Refresh your goals

Don’t just keep the same priorities you had from the previous year — change things up and start completely fresh.

Nothing changes unless you change it!

Look at where you and your team are at now and evaluate what needs to be implemented for 2019.

If your team wanted to increase how many meetings you were holding last year, maybe this year try and prioritize how those meetings could be better.

Using Stormboard for priority setting

When you switch over to Stormboard, not only are you bringing your team into a new digital landscape, but you are opening them up to a new way of setting priorities.

Starting an account and opening a new Storm (your digital workspace) are the first steps to getting the planning started. Choose from any of our hundreds of templates, add your team to the Storm, create headings, and fill in your list of priorities.

Examples of headings could be: Goals, Working On, and Completed. This way your team can see what goals are being set, what’s being worked on, and what goals have been reached. And, since the Storm is automatically saved to the cloud, tracking goals can be done all year long!

Everyone in the Storm can view, edit, add, comment, and vote on the ideas being shared at any time from anywhere they are located, making Stormboard the perfect alternative to writing your priorities down on a piece of paper or whiteboard.

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