Do your meetings never seem to end? Is your team stuck in a rut? Do you talk about the same things over and over (and over) but never get anything accomplished?

Your workplace might just be the living embodiment of Groundhog Day — you know, that film starring Bill Murray that became an instant classic. Murray plays a man who relives the same day over, and over, and over again until he makes some changes in his life that he needed to make all along.

Just like Murray’s character, a workplace can experience similar never-ending, monotonous meetings each week (or each day —which can be even more draining).

Don’t worry though, there is hope!  Keep reading for tips on how to break out of the Groundhog Day cycle and make your meetings better.

Why do meetings feel like Groundhog Day?

Well, there are plenty of reasons.

Meetings — for most people — are crucial so that teams can have a chance to discuss new ideas, what’s happening in the workplace, and what needs to get done. But does any of that actually happen? It should, but when there’s no innovation or planning, meetings end up in the “groundhog” rut.

No time management

Most meetings have a major lack of time management. Sure, your boss set your meeting for 10:00 am, but some of the team doesn’t stroll in until half past, and the whole thing goes later than you were expecting. When people are late every meeting, it takes up time that could be used to get other work done.

Agenda? What agenda?

There is also the issue of having no focus for your meeting.

A meeting with no focus isn’t really a meeting at all — it just turns into people talking over one another with no actual work getting completed. People end up talking to each other, but not always about the important tasks at hand. When this happens every meeting, it adds to the never-ending cycle because important topics keep getting pushed to another meeting at another time.

Who is ok with nothing ever getting done? No one.

It’s up to the meeting leader to come up with a plan and a focus, and when there isn’t one, the rest of the team falls apart and gets sidetracked. This is all too common in weekly or daily meetings — whoever is in charge doesn’t have something in mind to discuss, or they don’t have any visual presentation to get the team involved.

Having no plan meeting after meeting makes for a bored, tired team that does not want to be there.

Unnecessary meetings

Do you feel like you are always having meetings when you don’t actually need to have them?

Some workplaces have meetings too often, and some don’t have them enough. But those that have them too often can no doubt end up with a Groundhog Day feeling because too many meetings will leave the team drained and with the sense that they aren’t actually getting anything done.

Drab workspace

Where meetings take place can often only add to the monotony.

You might be in the same drab boardroom, every Monday morning, with the same presentation materials being used that aren’t moving your projects forward or engaging you and your team in any way.

How to overcome to Groundhog Day meeting cycle

If you’re someone who is all too familiar with the Groundhog Day meeting effect, you’re probably sick and tired of the repetitiveness and little to no real work being tackled. Luckily, there are ways to make your weekly or daily meetings so much better — especially with Stormboard!

Keep it moving

Tired of your surroundings?

Move your meeting around. Instead of being in that boring old boardroom, take your team to a new room, or a new location altogether. This will hopefully help reinvigorate your team, inspire them to focus, and get them to feel ready to take on any issues.

Because Stormboard can be accessed from any device, anywhere, it doesn’t matter where you meet!

Go digital

If in-person meetings aren’t your thing, or they aren’t working for your team anymore, try going digital and holding your meetings completely remote.

Stormboard is the perfect platform for any meeting to take place because it’s a digital workspace that allows you to work on it from anywhere — so teams can collaborate on the go or from the comfort of their own desk.

Equal input

Say goodbye to getting talked over in an agenda-less meeting, because Stormboard gives everyone a chance to talk, be seen, and be heard. Post a virtual sticky note and give your input or idea easily by sharing text, videos, images, files, and more.

Everyone in your Storm (what we call your digital workspace) can see what is posted, and can comment and vote on the posts, so meeting interaction will be drastically improved — which is way better than staring at the person speaking waiting for a new topic to be brought up. This way, anyone can come up with a topic to make sure meetings are being held to accomplish something, not just re-hashing old ideas.

Plan Ahead

As for planning, Stormboard is the ultimate tool for meeting leaders to be able to plan in advance (and edit as they go).

Planning and setting an agenda for a meeting is the best way to keep everything — and everyone — on track. When a meeting is planned in Stormboard, a Storm is created where the whole team can have instant access and see what the meeting leader has already set up for them.

Stormboard’s templates make planning stress-free, as you can choose from hundreds of templates to fit the style of meeting you are holding and that is the best suited to the way your team works.

Meeting flexibility

Too many meetings? We can help with that.

By using Stormboard, you can decide to hold meetings virtually (since it can be used from a variety of devices in almost any location) — this way, your team won’t have to deal with physically coming into a meeting every day feeling exhausted and not ready to meet.

If in-person meetings are necessary, use Stormboard while everyone is in the same room! This will give the team a chance to interact in multiple ways and will alleviate any mundane conversation. For latecomers, Stormboard is the perfect solution, as they can easily pick up where the team has left off and join a Storm with ideas already laid out and ready to be discussed.

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If your team is in major need of a meeting re-vamp to get out of that grueling Groundhog Day cycle, then what are you waiting for? Get started with Stormboard today!