To make your meetings, brainstorms, and collaboration even more effective, Stormboard has partnered with and added image search to Stormboard!

This means that you can pull free images to use in reports, as inspiration for projects, and to use in meetings and presentations from within your Storm — no need to do a search in a separate window. All images are Creative Commons (CCO) and free for you to use for both personal and commercial use.

There are two ways that you can use images from Pexels in your Storm.

Add images to an Image Sticky Note

In addition to adding images via drag and drop, Box, and One Drive, you can also now search and instantly add one of the thousands of free images from

Stormboard Image Sticky Note

  1. Click anywhere in your Storm to open a new sticky note.
  2. Click on “Image” in the sticky note menu.
  3. Using the search bar enter the type of image you are searching for.
  4. Click “Add Image”.
  5. The image will be added to your sticky note and you can then move it to wherever you want in your Storm.

Add images to a Whiteboard Sticky Note

Whiteboard stickies now allow for multiple images to be added! You can add images from your computer, or you can browse through the collection of free images.

Stormboard Image Search Whiteboard

Once you have added your image or images, you can add shapes, text, or draw on top of the image using the whiteboard tools. Tapping the images will also let you easily move them around or resize them.

Stormboard sketch on image whiteboard

Whiteboard Sticky Note update for iPad users

Stormboard’s iPad version now understands the difference between your pencil and your finger!

This means that you can use the Pencil to draw on your Whiteboard Sticky Note, and your finger to move around or pinch zoom.

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