Have you ever been in the middle of a meeting and then gotten kicked out of the boardroom because you hadn’t noticed that someone else had reserved it? Or, have you opened the door to a meeting room that you booked weeks in advance only to find that a group of people was already in it?

In either case, you are suddenly thrown into an awkward situation where you have to try and figure out where the error occurred and then negotiate which group is going to relocate, move, or wrap up.

No matter which way it goes through, valuable time is wasted, productivity is stalled, meetings start late or are interrupted, and any prep time you had planned for is gone.

Simply trying to find a place to meet is one of the biggest time wasters for office workers, with 70% reporting to losing 15 minutes a day looking for a place to collaborate.

That’s a lot of wasted time — and money — considering there are more than 25 million meetings per day held in the United States, which equates to about 15% of an organization’s collective time.

Even worse, are the boardroom no-shows — the people who book a meeting room but never show up. They didn’t tell anyone that they no longer needed the space, didn’t cancel their booking, or forgot about the booking altogether. As a result, a perfectly good meeting space was left empty, and unavailable to other employees, causing those employees to have to look on different floors or even outside of the office in order to gather.

“On average, meeting rooms are booked 92% of the time, yet 15% of the time the reservations aren’t used!” (source)

No matter what you do, there never seems to be enough space to meet.

There is a better way!

Not only does Stormboard make your meetings better and more effective, efficient, and interactive, it can actually stop you from having to hold meetings in physical spaces.

Using one of more than 200 customizable templates, you are able to collaborate, brainstorm, or provide updates to your team in real time, on any device, which means that you don’t actually have to gather together in order to give weekly status updates or prep your team for a larger meeting.

Also, with Stormboard you can export the ideas from your template into a professional report that can be collaboratively edited and then shared immediately with meeting participants or key stakeholders. These reports can be used as your weekly update with management, eliminating the need for an in-person status meeting, or at least shortening it. Reports are available as a PNG, PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Wordle, and more.

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