Are you still using old technology to sell innovation and digital transformation? If you answered yes, that’s probably why the majority of your sales pitches are falling flat.

Let me explain.

You’re selling a new, innovative product that can streamline production, change the way an enterprise does business, and save large companies millions. You have the stats to prove it, testimonials from happy clients, and a pitch that you are sure is going to win anyone over.

So, you are meeting with your potential customer over lunch to walk them through how the product will make their company more efficient when they ask for you to show them — visually — what you mean.

Not skipping a beat, you grab a piece of paper from your briefcase, or the napkin on the table beside you, and start sketching out your proposal.

Now, lets pause for a minute and think about how this looks.

You are an innovator, and you are trying to convince a potential client that you can make their business competitive in the quickly changing world of digital transformation — so why are you explaining your process using old, outdated technology? In this case, a napkin.

When the meeting ends, the client will take that napkin and use it to refer back to your meeting when talking to their partners about your proposal.

Not only is this unprofessional, but using old tech to sell digital transformation isn’t going to inspire much confidence in your brand’s ability to be competitive in the rapidly changing market.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

The solution is to have your potential customer come to your office instead so you can pitch them your ideas in a boardroom. Maybe you’ll have a great digital presentation keyed up, or sketch a process out on a whiteboard.

Problem solved, right?


Sure, a presentation looks more professional in a boardroom, but what happens with the information you put on that whiteboard? The client can’t take the whiteboard with them. So, one of you will end up taking a photo of the board or writing the information down hastily on a piece of paper.

Not a great way to wrap up a meeting about innovative tech.

It will be hard for potential customers to believe that you will be able to move them to the next level of technological transformation if you are using the back of a napkin for your presentation, or sending them a blurry photo of a whiteboard in an email!

So, what’s the solution?

You guessed it, Stormboard.

Companies using the terms “innovative” and “digital transformation” to sell products are a dime a dozen in this day and age, and more will only continue to be added to the market as new technology continues to develop more rapidly each year.

Whether you are a large, enterprise company, or a smaller startup, it is important to show your clients that you are on the cutting edge and are being competitive by leveraging the latest proven tech.  

You need to go beyond the napkin, the whiteboard, or “newer” tech like a shared desktop, in order to instill confidence in your customers.

Imagine the scenario above — pitching a client your product over lunch — but instead of showing them what you can do for them using a sketch on a napkin, imagine pulling out your laptop, tablet, or phone and sketching on a digital whiteboard.

Even better, sketching on a digital whiteboard that can be saved, in a Storm, that your client can have access to after the meeting.

Or, what if you pre-draw a chart on a digital whiteboard and save it in a Storm along with additional reading, product stats, and testimonials, so that if any questions need to be answered everything is already pre-prepared for you.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Not only does using Stormboard make you look more professional, more innovative, and more of a digital innovation expert, it also makes you more valuable to your client.

You are giving them a digital resource that they can easily reference, they can answer questions or ask you questions without having to pick up the phone, and they can share this information with anyone who wasn’t at your meeting.

Imagine the person you were pitching to walking into a meeting with their executive team to talk about your product with a napkin in hand.

Now picture them walking in with a tablet opened to the Storm you created full of your product’s specs, and a digital whiteboard with a flow chart you pre-drew that shows exactly what your product can do for them.

I think we both know which one has a better chance of getting you a deal.

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