Staying on top of your tasks, seeing what the rest of your team is working on, and assigning new tasks is an integral part of any project — especially if you are working with multiple people in multiple Storms.

Not sure how to assign tasks in Stormboard? Don’t worry, it’s simple!

On the bottom right-hand corner of every sticky note in Stormboard is a checkmark. If you click on that checkmark, a menu will pop up (see image below) that will allow you to assign the task on the sticky to anyone in your Storm (even yourself), and set a due date. The avatar of the person who was assigned the task will appear where the checkmark used to be.

Here’s how Stormboard can help you track your important tasks making sure that deadlines are met, and there is no hold up in your team’s process.

Tracking Tasks From Your Dashboard

There are two ways to see all pending tasks in all Storms from the Dashboard.

First of all, click the settings wheel on the top right corner of the Activity bar. This will reveal an Activity checklist (see the image below) that you can filter in any way you choose. Anything that is checked will show up in the Activity log whenever you are on your Dashboard.

The second way to see your tasks from the Dashboard is to click “Tasks” in the bar on the left. You can do this under All Storms or under an individual set of Storms (see image below).

You will then see a full list of tasks, any comments, the Storm that they belong to, when they were assigned, and when they are due. You can also filter this list to view all the tasks, only the incomplete tasks, or only tasks that have been completed.

Tracking Tasks Within A Storm

To view all pending tasks within a Storm, click on the Tasks tab on the upper right-hand side of the page. A drop-down menu (see image below) will list all the tasks in the Storm, or you can filter the tab to see only the incomplete or complete tasks.

Tracking Tasks in Microsoft Excel

If you want to keep track of these tasks outside of Stormboard, or share this to-do list with your executive team, you can export all of the tasks from a Storm into an Excel document.

Click on the download icon in the top right corner of the Task drop-down menu in your Storm (see image above), and all of the tasks will be instantly exported.

You can then rename the document or customize it in any way you would like (see image below). It can also be added back to your Storm as a file sticky note that can be collaboratively co-edited.

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