You’ve just had a productive brainstorming session with your team and there have been a lot of ideas generated — both good and bad. Your ideas are creative, inspirational, even (dare we say) fun!

Now what?

How do you pick which ideas to prioritize? How do you value one idea over another? And, how do you know which ideas are actually going to result in real-world solutions that can be acted on?

Here are some questions for you and your team to consider when selecting the best ideas:

Is It Simple?

If you are looking for a low-risk solution, the simplest idea will often be the easiest to act on. Fewer unknowns equals fewer surprises. But, keep in mind that while the simplest idea may be the easiest and quickest path to completing your project, it is not the idea that will lead to groundbreaking innovation.

Does It Align With Your Company’s Values?

Ask yourself which of the ideas make sense within the overall strategy of your company and if it will result in a product or service that aligns with the core values of the organization. There may be a lot of great ideas on the table, but if they don’t fit into the company plan, they won’t receive support once they move up the chain of command for approval.

Is It Too Trendy?

Eliminate the ideas that are too niche or are only one-time use. You want ideas that have longevity or might be applied to multiple problems, not ideas that are fads and can end up dated by the time they reach your market.

Is It Scalable?

Can the idea be duplicated, easily explained, or become a consistent process that can be replicated company-wide? You want to avoid ideas that will require constant reinvention or adjustment. The goal is to create solutions, not more problems.

Can A Profit Be Made?

Is the idea simply fun and conceptual, or is there a real-world application that will result in bringing in more money for the company? You’ll have a better chance of getting buy-in from the company executives if you can prove that the idea will result in more money for the organization.

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