Stormboard is the ultimate collaboration platform — whether you are a team of one or 1000 there is a template or tool that will make your meetings and brainstorms more effective, efficient, and interactive.

Here are five things that you probably didn’t know you could do in Stormboard that will make your collaboration even better!

1. Use Index Cards

Sometimes you have too many sticky notes in a Storm and you need to categorize and order them.

This is where Index Cards come in.

  1. Select “Index Card” from the sticky note menu.
  2. The text you type on the index card before hitting enter will show up as the title of the card.
  3. You can then drag and drop sticky notes on top of the card and they will become new lines, or you can enter new lines on the card by simply clicking to type.
  4. Any of the lines can be dragged off the index card at any time to become an independent sticky note again.

2. Select Multiple Sticky Notes

If you want to move more than one card, hold down the shift key and drag your mouse over a group of sticky notes to select them all.

Once the stickies are selected you can move them as a group, or use the menu that pops up to align notes to a grid or move/copy them to a different Storm.

3. Use the Sticky Note menu

Each sticky note has a settings menu that will appear when you click on the wheel in the upper right-hand corner.

This menu allows you to edit or delete the sticky, see its history, lock it in place, make it a title font or turn it into an Index Card, copy/move it within the Storm, or to another Storm, duplicate, or change the color of the note.

4. Customize the Color Legend

In the bottom right-hand corner of your Storm, you will see a pop-up menu with six colors.

When you click on each color a settings wheel will appear to the right of it. Clicking on this allows you to rename the colors as needed.

Colors can be assigned to specific people, topics, or stages in the process. All types of sticky notes can be created in any of the colors and changed at any time.

5. Switch between Storms with the Storm Switcher

The Storm switcher makes it easy to switch between your various Storms.

Click on the down-pointing arrow on the top left of the page.

The list is sorted by the last active Storm, so it’s easy to flip quickly between projects you’re actively working on.

Got a question about how to use one of Stormboard’s many features? Visit our Help section now!