Offline vs Online: How Secure Are Your Ideas?

Posted on August 21 2017 in Features, Inspiration

Technology is constantly evolving, and in order to stay competitive and keep attracting top talent, it’s important to constantly reevaluate the way that you share information and keep your employees engaged.

Yes, it is important to stay on trend when it comes to remote work and implementing creative business solutions, but while the newest, flashiest applications can be exciting, they are not always secure.

Keeping your information, ideas, and brainstorms secure is the top concern for most businesses. And most executives choose to keep their information offline in order to ensure that no leaks can occur.

But, are your ideas really any more secure if they are left on a whiteboard with “P.L.O.” written on it? Anyone visiting the office could walk by the boardroom and take a quick photo of your latest sales numbers or read through your brainstorm for the latest product launch.

Rolling up a flipchart and letting it sit on someone’s desk until the next meeting isn’t any better. Not only could your ideas get lost or stolen, Brenda from accounting might spill her coffee on them, and you know that Pete is a klutz and might end up ripping one of the pages when he tries to unravel the notes for the next meeting.

So, what’s the solution?

Stay old-school and hope that your flipchart stays dry and your whiteboard doesn’t get viewed by the competition? Or, risk an online leak on an unsecured application?

Luckily, you don’t have to choose. There is another option — Stormboard.

All of Stormboard’s products have been carefully crafted with security in mind. Your ideas are always transmitted over a 256 bit SSL (bank-grade) Internet connection, which means that only the people that you choose can access, collaborate, and act on your best ideas.

And, we have enhanced security options available as well that allow for API integrations, restricted IP addresses, compliance archiving, and more. We can even set up your own private servers — managed by Stormboard — that can be hosted in other locations around the globe ensuring that your data is as secure as possible.

Not using Stormboard yet? Find out how here


—By Lindsay Shapka

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