Why Innovation In The Corporate Workplace Isn’t Easy (and how Stormboard can help)

Posted on August 17 2017 in Inspiration

Creating a culture of innovation, and integrating new ideas and technologies into your everyday process is the key to the survival of your business.

According to an article in Entrepreneur, innovation is an “absolutely vital aspect of survival and success,” and it signals to investors that a company is able to “draw top talent… all while continuing to be relevant and successful for the foreseeable future.”

Despite this, large companies often struggle to create an innovative environment.

Why is this?

You would think that having extensive budgets and more employees would make large corporations able to trial new tech and ideas with less of a risk to their bottom line, making it easier to innovate.

But, according to Steven Kuyan, Managing Director at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, the large size of a company is what is hindering corporate innovation. “Most successful businesses try to diversify their offerings by investing in new products and services, but most of these experiments fail because they cannot recreate start-up environments.” Though large companies can afford the costs of innovation, they struggle to create an innovative environment and find themselves stuck in a “culture intolerant of failure.”

In an article on The Innovation Enterprise, L. Miguel Encarnação, the Chief Innovation Officer at ACT, states that “[often] innovation efforts don’t survive” or lose momentum due to changes in the executive team and ideas that get lost in the resulting shuffle.

So, what’s the solution?

According to The Innovation Enterprise, “innovation needs the right environment in place so the right people are encouraged and enabled to have ideas and drive projects forward. It is also important that the right tools are in place so that the value of that innovation can be captured and decisions made as to what resources should be allocated and where.”

A corporate culture that supports innovation, by itself integrating innovative processes into its core business model, is the only way to stay competitive.

This is where Stormboard comes in.

In order to empower your team and support innovative ideas that lead to better products and services than your competition, you need to find a new approach while still integrating with your core business processes.

Employee engagement and the exchange of ideas shouldn’t have to start or stop within the confines of the boardroom, a whiteboard, or a conference call.

Stormboard is a secure interactive collaboration platform, that allows for ongoing, digital brainstorming that can happen anywhere, anytime, and on any device without the limitations of standard meeting tools like whiteboards, which (let’s be honest) is where ideas usually go to die.

This user-friendly technology has built-in elements that will appeal to employees of all generations — tech-savvy Millennials, visual Gen X-ers, and more traditional Boomers — and is easily integrated into your current corporate environment.

What is comes down to is this: Innovation can’t happen successfully unless your corporate culture supports it.

Learn more about how Stormboard can help with corporate innovation.


—By Lindsay Shapka

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