Don’t Kill Creativity: Why Creative Businesses Are More Successful

Posted on August 14 2017 in Inspiration

Nurturing creativity rather than killing it is an integral part of keeping your team happy and running a successful business.

And that’s not just our opinion. Inc. has written multiple articles on the importance of creativity in the workplace.


In How These Companies Keep Creativity Flowing in the Workplace, writer Melissa Thompson quotes a study conducted by Adobe and Forrester Consulting that “found that 82 percent of companies believe that there is a strong connection between creativity and business results. Yet a staggering 61 percent of companies do not see themselves as creative.”

The article then goes on to name five reasons why creativity is integral to a company’s success.

  1. Good ideas trickle up.
  2. Autonomy breeds innovation.
  3. Creative employees feel empowered and find inspiration outside of the workplace.
  4. Creativity can come from anyone at any level if they are given an opportunity to express ideas.
  5. Solutions to complex challenges come from new perspectives.

How do you encourage creativity in the workplace?

Writer Molly Reynolds has three great ideas in the article 3 Surprising Ideas For Raising Your Business Creativity. She concludes that innovation and creativity are closely linked, “If innovation is the implementation of creativity, it makes sense that, to stay innovative, you need to stay creative.”

The first idea is that employees can not be creative if they are under pressure or have a lack of resources. Only when one feels secure and the pressure is lifted can true creativity be nurtured.

Next, the article suggests creating or proposing problems that require creative solutions. This type of problem-solving leads to, what Reynold’s calls, “divergent thinking.”

The last key idea is to further the development of this type of thinking. “Divergent thinking is the process of developing a multitude of possible solutions for any given problem, as opposed to convergent thinking, which seeks to resolve a multitude of problems with one solution.”

So, how can Stormboard help your team get more creative?

Some people like to share ideas through writing, others by sketching, and others through photos or video. Stormboard allows users to express their ideas in whatever format they communicate in best, giving them a space to contribute and increasing their value within the company.

With Stormboard, everyone is an interactive, ongoing participant. This means that users can add their ideas in their own words when inspiration strikes. There is no need to wait for the next meeting or brainstorming session!

Stormboard is also a user-friendly technology with built-in elements that will appeal to employees of all generations — tech-savvy Millennials, visual Gen X-ers, and more traditional Boomers.

Start using Stormboard to get more creative now!


—By Lindsay Shapka

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