As a part of an array of changes we’re announcing today (viewersnew plan namesdashboardteam management), we’ve made it much easier to manage your subscription.

We’ve made a bunch of changes to how teams are managed with a key focus on making it easier for Team Administrators to manage who is on the team and what they can do.

Choose who can add users to your team

When you create your Startup, Business or Enterprise subscription, you can choose who will have the ability to create and share storms on your subscription.

Option One: Everyone

This option is similar to how Stormboard used to operate. All users that join your subscription can create and share storms. When users create and share storms with users not already on your team, those users will be added to your team.

Option Two: Manually Configure

This new option means when users are added to your subscription, by default they can’t create storms on the team. They can still create personal storms but cannot create storms on the team. At any time you can go to your admin dashboard and change the setting to allow them to become a Storm Administrator and they will then be able to create storms and invite users to those storms.

Option Three: Automatically from a list of domains

This option means only people at a specified domain will be given Storm Administrator rights. All other users won’t be able to create or share storms on your subscription. This is useful if you want people in your company to be able to create and share storms but when you invite external partners or customers, they will not be Storm Administrators.

At any time you can turn on or off the Storm Administrator rights for any users by going to the user tab of your account page at

Managing Users

It’s now WAY easier for Team Administrators to manage users from closing storms to disabling users to banning users from your team everything is much easier.

Personal Storms

Now all users can have a mix of Personal and Paid storms. Each user has 5 personal storms that with a maximum of 5 users each. Users can close a personal storm at any time to free up one of their personal slots.