As a part of an array of changes we’re announcing today (viewersnew plan namesdashboardteam management), we’ve added the ability to invite not only contributors but also viewers to your Storms.

A customer common request was they wanted people to be able to view a Storm but not be able to “mess around with it”. Additionally, users wanted a way for people to see a storm without being added to their bill.

Today we’re happy to announce our new Storm Viewers functionality!

Startup and Business and Enterprise subscribers can now invite people to view their storm. Startup subscribers can add up to five viewers per storm and Business subscribers, up to 10. Enterprise subscribers viewers are determined as a part of the Enterprise contract. Viewers can navigate the storm, view images, documents, whiteboard stickies, and video. Storm viewers cannot add ideas, move them around, comment, vote or assign stickies. In order to retain the privacy of the Storm, all users even viewers require a Stormboard login.

Inviting Viewers

When you select the share button on your Storm, you’ll see a new tab option “Viewers” when you select that the links and Storm ID and keys are only for viewers. Just like our contributor invites, you can invite by copying the link, telling someone the ID and key or emailing them directly from Stormboard.


Upgrading Viewers to Contributors.

If someone viewing your Storm wishes to collaborate on the Storm, they can make a request to collaborate. The Storm administrator will be notified both in-app and via email that someone is requesting to contribute.

If the Storm Administrator approves the upgrade, that user will be instantly made a contributor and added to the team and the bill.

Let us know what you think of this new feature!