New Stormboard Plan Names

Posted on June 14 2017 in Announcements, Features

As a part of an array of changes we’re announcing today (viewersnew plan namesdashboardteam management), we’ve made some changes to the names of our plans.

Free is now Personal 

We’ve renamed our free plan to personal. It’s still free, just with a more appropriate name. All users can now have up to 5 open personal storms (even if you’re on a paid subscription or our education plan.) Personal storms are still limited to 5 users per storm.

Startup is still Startup

We didn’t change anything on this plan, we kinda liked the name so it stays.

Team is now Business

We’ve renamed our Team plan to Business. The Business subscription has all the same features as the Team plan, only the name has changed.

Introducing Enterprise Plans

We’ve been quietly selling our Enterprise plans to companies that require more than our other subscriptions offer. It’s now got its own column on our Plans and Pricing page. Enterprise plans have a minimum of 100 users and have a wide array of enterprise level features including:

  • Single Sign On
  • Advanced User Management and Reporting
  • Custom Login Page
  • Custom Template Styling
  • Single Tenant Edition
  • On Premise Edition
  • Volume Pricing
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Customer Council Representation
  • Monthly Team Webinar
  • Priority Support
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Enterprise Security Audit
  • API – Integrations
  • Restricted IP Addresses
  • Compliance Archiving
  • Data Retention Support
  • Additional Custom Enterprise Specific Features

For more information on our Enterprise Subscriptions, please contact us and we’ll  jump on a call to discuss the options in more detail.


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