In our efforts to make it easier to turn your ideas into action, we’ve been hard at work re-imagining how you can use templates in Stormboard. Buckle in, there is a lot to cover in this blog post!

New Template Style

We’ve upgraded the look of our templates with a clean and modern style that provides a consistent experience across all templates. Subscribers can customize the color or individual sections.

New Stormboard Template Style


In addition to sections, we now have the ability to add subsections.  This allows for better grouping of ideas not only by section but by multiple sub-sections.

subsectionsSection Resizing

You can now customize the size of an individual section in real time. This is useful when you’ve got too many ideas to fit into a section.

Section Types

We now have a variety of section types available (with a bunch more that we’ll be releasing soon.)

Magnetic Sections

Magnetic sections automatically organize all the ideas in your section for you. No more struggling to make sure every sticky note lines up, our magnetic sections do it for you. This is great if you want to use a kanban board and just put ideas in columns but not have to worry about cleaning up their positions.

Matrix Sections

We’ve had 2×2 matrix’s in the past but they were always a full template. Now they can fill either a whole template or just a section. Additionally, subscribers can customize the headings of the matrix in real time.matrix section

Spreadsheet SectionsSpreadsheet section

Spreadsheet sections provide for an easy way to track rows and columns of data. These sections are great for comparative
brainstorming and especially great for swim lane diagrams. Subscribers can change label, size and insert rows and columns for a very customizable experience.

Custom Sections

Coming soon are even more customizable sections. Stay tuned. If you have an idea for a custom section, let us know!

Improved Reporting

Along with all these fancy new sections comes improved reporting. The reporting not only looks better but works better including understanding the new section types.

  • The magnetic sections show all your ideas in order.
  • The matrix sections report all the ideas ranked (including on a scale of 1-10) by the axis on the matrix as well as by the quadrant the idea is in.
  • The spreadsheet sections report all your ideas first by column then by row.

Section Splitting

This enables you to split sections either horizontally or vertically to enable on the fly creation of new sections to organize your ideas.

Idea Stacking

stacked stickiesWhen you have a bunch of ideas on top of each other they now fan out into a pile so it’s obvious there are more ideas below.

Branded Templates

We now have full flexibility to customize the templates with custom branding including colors, layout, and logos. We can brand our entire template library to your brand or just your own custom template. Contact us for pricing.

Fully Customized Templates

We have many options for customizing templates including custom section types, subsections, fully styling and branding. Send us an image of your template and we can build it for you. Contact us for pricing.

Free and Subscriber features

Check out the pricing grid to see which features are available on which plan and upgrade today to take advantage of all the new features and functionality.

And that’s not all!

This rewrite of our template engine enables a massive amount of new functionality that we have in development as well as some crazy ideas in our labs.

Have a suggestion for a Stormboard template? Please contact us.