Stormboard featured in Microsoft Ignite Keynote!

Posted on September 26 2016 in Announcements, Features, Remote Teams

Stormboard for Surface Hub was featured today on the main stage Keynote at Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta today!

Stormboard Surface Hub with NFC

Photo Courtesy of Arstechnica

Yusuf Mehdi Corporate Vice President the Windows Devices Group at Microsoft showed 23,000 people in attendance how Stormboard is changing how enterprises collaborate.

Mr. Mehdi, demonstrated the new Stormboard NFC integration, allowing you to tap your NFC badge to instantly log into your Stormboard account. No need to type your password on an 84″ screen in front of 23,000 people!

Stormboard is a realtime online whiteboard that allows users in any location, on any device from 4″ to 84″  (desktop, mobile, tablet and Surface Hub) to collaborate on a shared whiteboard. Users can instantly add, comment, vote and prioritize ideas without having to wait their turn to be the presenter.

Stormboard for Surface Hub, also features Windows Ink, enabling instant conversion of your handwriting on the Surface Hub into text.

At the end of your meeting, you don’t need to take a photo of your whiteboard, instead, with one click, Stormboard intelligently exports all your ideas to Word, Powerpoint or Excel.

Some great tweets reacting to it!

The Stormboard app on #SurfaceHub – no more taking pics of whiteboards! #MSIgnite
2016-09-26, 8:31 AM
#Microsoft & #stormboard #whiteboard #app @ #MSIgnite. Cool new way of #collaborating. #easy #VeryCool #indieDev #remoteteams #codedev
2016-09-26, 8:29 AM
Stormboard on Surface Hub looks fantastic #didacticum #msignite
2016-09-26, 8:27 AM
Working with #SurfaceHub and #stormboard is evertime a great experience for me #MSIgnite
2016-09-26, 8:33 AM
Stormboard and a running document on @Microsoft hub! Awesome! @scottgu Great for Scum approach
2016-09-26, 8:28 AM
The #stormboard app for #SurfaceHub looks cool – need to get a surfacehub in the office…
2016-09-26, 8:27 AM

We couldn’t agree more. Stormboard is a GREAT reason to buy a Surface Hub!

A link to the video coming soon!


UPDATE: Video is here. Click to the 1:15:00 mark

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