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Posted on August 3 2016 in Announcements, Features, Tutorials


One of the things that Stormboard does really well is help users turn their whiteboard ideas into action. Today it gets even better!

Stormboard is excited to announce our new feature enabling each idea to be assigned to a user.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.53.56 PMAfter you’ve done your brainstorming or planning in Stormboard, you can now divvy up the tasks and hold people accountable to the things they say they are going to do.

The first thing you’ll notice is we’ve moved some things around on the sticky note. The creator of the sticky now shows in the top left corner of the sticky. If you’re not showing the creator for that storm, it won’t show.

Idea Creator

Idea Creator


The second thing you’ll notice is there is a new icon in the bottom right corner. It has a number of states.

1) If it’s grey that means it’s not assigned and doesn’t have a due date.

2) If it’s coloured the same as the sticky, it means it has a due date but isn’t assigned to anyone specific.

3) If it has a users avatar, that means it’s been assigned to them.


4) In all cases if it’s past it’s due date an alert icon will be placed on it.



Your dashboard also has a new tab to show you all the storms that you have tasks assigned to you in:




When a task is assigned to you, you’ll get a notification. You will also be notified when someone completes a task on an idea you created or assigned to them.

Does it work with Stormboard’s reporting features? YES!

One of the most powerful parts of Stormboard is our reporting functionality. The assigned to, and date automatically show up in our Excel, Summary Report, JSON, XML and OPML exports so you can use the data in your other business tools.

All that AND integration into our API? You bet!

Stormboard isn’t trying to morph itself into a complete task management application. There are a bunch of amazing tools for that. We just want to make it easy to turn your ideas into action. That’s why we’ve also added all the task functionality to our API.

This allows you to programatically access all the task assignment data and integrate it into your other corporate tools like Jira, Write, Wunderlist or Outlook.

If you are using our API, we’re always eager to hear stories of what tools you’re integrating with Stormboard.

Mobile Phones and iPad?

Yes, just waiting on app store approvals. Updates coming soon!

Let us know what you think!

We’re always interested in your feedback and are excited to hear from you on how this feature and Stormboard in general make a difference in how your teams collaborate.

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