Stormboard Now Available on iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile Devices

Posted on June 15 2016 in Announcements, Features, Remote Teams


Stormboard Mobile for iOS and AndroidToday Stormboard™, officially announced it’s native iPhone™, iPad™ and Android™ apps for both mobile phones and tablets. These native apps interact perfectly with your other team members in real time on their desktop/laptop versions of Stormboard on Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox.

Stormboard for iPhone and Android Mobile

Stormboard for iPhone and Android Mobile provides a unique interface to quickly add new ideas to your storms. Stormboard has always worked on your phones browser, but no matter how big your phone was the spatial interface of a massive virtual whiteboard could be challenging. Our new mobile version makes it easy to add and search for your sticky notes and ideas as they are all in a list view.

The true magic of our mobile version comes when you turn your phone horizontal. The interface changes to the Stormboard spatial view and you get the spatial benefits and can move ideas where you want them.

screen640x640Stormboard for iPad and Android Tablets

Stormboard for iPad and Android Tablets gives you a great Tablet experience on your iPad so Stormboard is a touch away. Stormboard for Tablet works just like our desktop edition but takes advantage pinch and zoom and other touch events.

Accessing Stormboard Mobile:

By making Stormboard available on iOS and Android, Stormboard makes it easier for you to keep your storms updated no matter where you are! Anyone can connect to the storm from any laptop, tablet or mobile phone in the same room or distributed around the world to work together in real time!

More Information:
Website: Press inquiries: or 1-855-STORM-55 x101

About Stormboard

Users in 181 countries trust Stormboard for their distributed whiteboard collaboration on a real time sticky note whiteboard. Users can quickly add sticky notes, photos, videos, documents and sketches, then comment, vote, organize and report on those ideas. With over 100 templates, Stormboard lets users collaborate on agile, design thinking, Kanban, product management, business model canvas, customer personas and more.

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