Today we’re launching an exciting new update to Stormboard.

We’ve listened to our users and have taken the best suggestions on how to make Stormboard easier to use, more fun and quicker to access many of the features.

Where did the sidebar go?

The first thing you’ll notice with the new Stormboard is we’ve gotten rid of the sidebar where you enter ideas! This is a big change that hopefully will be quick to get used to. Getting rid of the sidebar gives you more room on your screen to work with your ideas.

We’ve also improved the zooming so you can now zoom all the way out on your storms!
Agile Storm

Adding Ideas

To add ideas, all you need to do is double click (or double tap on a tablet or touchscreen) and a new dialog will pop up for you to create your sticky.
add stickyYou can type ideas on the sticky, press enter or the checkmark in the top right corner and the idea will be placed on the storm wherever you double clicked.

If you want to quickly create multiple ideas, click the rapid fire button and after you add an idea the dialog will pop back up and you can create another one.

The color/legend of the sticky is now chosen from the menu on the top of the sticky.

One drive and Box Integration

You can now add ideas from your One Drive or Box accounts and have them embedded straight into your storm.


Align to Grid

You could always align stickies to a grid by holding down the shift-key and dragging across the wall. Now it’s even better to give you more flexibility on how you line up your ideas.


Document Viewer

Now when you upload a PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint document into Stormboard (via drag and drop or from Box or One Drive) you’ll be able to preview those documents right inside Stormboard.

Document Viewer

 Sketching on top of images!

Now you can draw on top of images that you’ve uploaded! This is great for working together on screen mockups or photo edits or logo designs. The options are limitless!

sketch on images

Adding Videos

We’ve created a new video picker that will allow you to more easily add videos to your storms. Now you can easily search Youtube from right inside Stormboard and with one click, add that video to your storm. You can still paste a private video link in the search box and it will add it too!

add videoNew Template Picker

One of our favorite new features is our improved template picker! This template picker makes it easy to search for a template and preview it. Additionally, all templates are now resizable! And with an awesome bit of magic, your ideas will stay in the same sections when you change the size of your template!

TemplatesNew storm switcher!

The new storm switcher makes it super easy to switch between storms. the list is sorted by the last active storm so it’s easy to flip between projects you’re working on.

storm pickerWhat do you think?

We’d love to hear what you think of this upgrade! Love it? Hate it? Find a bug? Have an idea for more features? Send us a message!