Announcing Annual Subscriptions

Posted on September 3 2015 in Announcements, Features


Welcome to easier team management on Stormboard! We are now offering annual plans.

Take advantage of the annual pricing of $100 per person, per year and save 2 months off the monthly rate.

Stormboard-annual-plan-descriptionAnnual plans will provide consistency for teams that don’t want to think about a fluctuating team size on a monthly basis. You just choose the number of team members you think you’ll need and get started. Team members can also be rotational, which means that you can deactivate a member that is not in any active storms and open up a seat for a new team member.

If you find yourself needing to add more team members at any time you can increase your team size and we’ll prorate the cost of each seat based on the number of months remaining in your annual license. Annual subscriptions don’t have a 30 day free trial, however, if you contact us within the first 30 days we will be happy to cancel your subscription and refund your money.

Ready to sign up for an annual plan? Just visit our Plans & Pricing page or click the Upgrade Today button on your Stormboard homepage. Get started here.

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