Cloud Collaboration Tools are Changing How We Work

Posted on July 27 2015 in Inspiration, Remote Teams

Cloud collaboration is becoming an undeniably important part of how we work. If you’re a cloud believer and you’re looking for ways to explain to the skeptics why it’s such a good idea, we’d like to present you with 4 arguments that will knock it out of the park.

  1. Cloud collaboration almost eliminates the need for email and drastically reduces the chances of someone missing information. A lot of emails sent within an internal team are highly unnecessary, but up until recently it was the form of communication that people thought of first or considered to be the easiest. The problem is that emails can get lost in a pile of important, not important and downright annoying items. Cloud collaboration software allows a team to share information in a realtime way, so everyone is on the same page, without those annoying reply all emails. Logically, that draft of an important proposal and an ad for refill toner cartridges shouldn’t be found in the same place.
  2. There is a cloud collaboration application for pretty much everything that you need to get done. If there’s something you need to do, someone else probably already thought of it and there’s probably an app for it. You can select a suite of apps (each one good at it’s own thing) that will help your team be successful at whatever they do. Most cloud applications are subscription based as well, giving you an opportunity to try new things without committing large amounts of time or money to them.
  3. Cloud collaboration connects people from all over the world like they’re in the same room. The ability to make changes to documents, discuss projects, brainstorm ideas and plan, all in realtime, makes distances between colleagues seem like a much smaller barrier. It also saves a company a lot of money and travel time, with in-person meetings becoming much less frequent.
  4. Cloud collaboration applications have been designed to help people be more productive and stay on top of things. Most of them have ways of encouraging users to come back more often, be notified when there’s something new to see or when something needs their attention. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an application that helps to motivate your team without your involvement?

Through these 4 points (and others I’m sure we can all think of), cloud collaboration tools are helping to change how and where we work. They allow us to contribute when we feel inspired, stay on top of our work and conversations and feel connected to our team members, no matter how far away they are.

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