Un-Office Etiquette for Remote Workers

Posted on May 29 2015 in Inspiration, Remote Teams


The world of work is becoming progressively more distributed, and having a host of remote employees is both an advantage and a challenge. On one hand, remote workers have less distractions to deal with, they probably spend less time in meetings and removing the commute saves them time, money and stress. On the other hand, there are some communication barriers to remote work that we’re all just beginning to experience and deal with.

As described in this article on Lifehacker, being successful as a remote worker requires a combination of consideration for your coworkers and using the right technology. The biggest overlap in these two areas is necessary largely because of timezone differences and the flexibility that comes along with working from wherever you like.

One of the biggest advantages of being a remote worker is a lack of distractions, but when you have a constant stream of chat messages coming across your screen or your email inbox is bursting, you suddenly have just as many distractions as you would in an office. That’s why it’s important to choose collaboration applications that allow users to access information where and when they need it.

Stormboard allows users to login where and when they like, so that discussions can happen across timezones without disturbing participants who are focused on another task, or on off work hours.

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