More Social Signin Options for Faster Collaboration

Posted on March 30 2015 in Announcements, Features


Stormboard is making it even easier to collaborate with your friends and colleagues with the addition of social signin for Windows Live, LinkedIn and Facebook!

You’ve been able to signin with your Google account for quite some time now, but on top of these new application integrations, we’re also allowing Google and Windows Live accounts to import their connections and autofill their information when you want to invite them into a storm. No need to go looking for a teammate’s email address again. Just signup or sign in with your Windows Live or Google account and authorize Stormboard to access your information.

Stormboard-social-signin-invite-contactsYou can invite contacts from your Google or Windows Live lists by checking off the box beside each option and then typing the name of the contact you’d like to invite so Stormboard can auto-complete the contacts for you.

If you want to disconnect your social accounts from Stormboard at any time, just visit your Account Settings page to remove access.

Now you’re ready to brainstorm and collaborate faster than ever! If you haven’t already, click here to get started.



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2 thoughts on “More Social Signin Options for Faster Collaboration

  1. Will you be adding Yammer sign in options ? (Even better a yammer app) – Im interested in this , and was wondering if it could be integrated in a corporate environment ?

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