Collaboration Tools Aren’t All About the Tools

Posted on March 17 2015 in Inspiration

The way we work is changing. Email seems to be on the way out and enterprises are becoming progressively more distributed, aided by a multitude of tools, each one designed to make our lives easier and our teams more productive. However, we don’t talk a lot about are the people and processes these tools are designed to aid.

In this article, Christian Stegh talks about collaboration as more than just the tools we use. When companies focus too heavily on tools and neglect to think about how their processes work within them, they can get frustrated that the tools aren’t doing the work for them.

Tools are ultimately designed to help people, not replace them. At Stormboard we try not to over-complicate things and build features that are easy, fun and flexible, kind of like sticky notes and a whiteboard. We don’t want to force rigid features on you because we believe that the right combination of tools and processes is the key to productive collaboration. That’s why we work with our teams to find out what features are most helpful to them in building their processes into Stormboard.

We believe that there isn’t a single magic solution to collaboration, but a network of people working towards a goal, aided by well built and thought out tools. If you don’t have the first two elements, the third is rather pointless. So, if your leadership team doesn’t step back on a regular basis and ask themselves why and how they are helping people to collaborate, it’s probably time to start at the beginning again.

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