March 2015

More Social Sign-in Options for Faster Collaboration

Stormboard is making it even easier to collaborate with your friends and colleagues with the addition of social sign-in for Windows Live, LinkedIn and Facebook! You’ve been able to sign-in with your Google account for quite some time now, but… Continue Reading →

Collaboration Tools Aren’t All About the Tools

The way we work is changing. Email seems to be on the way out and enterprises are becoming progressively more distributed, aided by a multitude of tools, each one designed to make our lives easier and our teams more productive…. Continue Reading →

Collaboration Helps You Accomplish Your Goals

The internet is full of articles, lists, and studies about what you need to do to accomplish your goals. Everyone is trying to get you to do more, better. How nice of us. Stormboard is no exception, which is why we… Continue Reading →

Will Stormboard Get You a Raise?

As Jacob presents in this Forbes video about why employees should use collaboration tools at work, aside from all the other “whys” for adapting to something new, it’s important for your career. Being the first to adapt and learn something… Continue Reading →

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