Daily task lists, notebooks, whiteboards and sticky notes aren’t exactly a new concept, but how do you prioritize all the things on your list? And where did that notebook go?


Let’s pretend for a minute that you are a photographer that specializes in photographing the superhero world (somebody’s gotta do it). How do you stay organized? The people you work with are pretty busy saving the world, and you need to make them look good doing it, but that’s a lot of little things to keep track of.

This template is designed to be as simple and flexible as possible, while still giving you a clear process to follow. Get-Stuff-Done-Color-Change-todoWhen something comes up just enter it onto a sticky note and place it on your Get Stuff Done board. This will help you to get small tasks off your brain so you can focus on one thing at a time without having to worry about what you might have forgotten.

With this template you’ll be able to keep a running list of things you’d like to get done, but choose just 3 that you will prioritize that day and go for it. So the next time one of your clients calls you in a rush you can pop open this storm and write yourself a note, then when you’re ready to get that task done you can turn it green (for go) and get it done. Once it’s been completed you can then drag it into the Nailed It section of the template.


To further organize your tasks you can use Index Cards to list your tasks in categories, as well as create a “done” index card where you can drop your completed tasks. This will help to keep your storm (and you) more organized.

You can find this template in Stormboard’s Goal Setting and Productivity category when you sign up and create a new storm. Now you have an easy, fun, and flexible tool to help you say on top of your todo list. You may not be saving the world, but getting stuff done sure makes it feel like you are.