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Posted on November 4 2014 in Announcements, Features, Tutorials

Reporting is an important part of Stormboard, so we decided to add more reports to make your life even easier. These new exports/reports will make it easier to share your storm information with more people in the way that works best for you.

These new types include Word, PowerPoint Slides and an outline layout that’s easy to copy and paste into any format or document you’d like. You can find these new reporting options in the Reports window by clicking on the menu item at the bottom of the Stormboard screen.



The Outline report exports to a web page (html) as a list which includes the section headings with the sticky notes and index cards nested beneath them. This creates an easy way to see all of your ideas and the hierarchy of them. You can easily copy the text from this report and add it to whatever type of document you’d like.

Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Word is very similar to the Outline report, but instead of an html page it is exported to a .doc file that can be opened in Word. Once again, the headings are listed with the information from sticky notes and index cards listed below.

Microsoft PowerPoint

The PowerPoint report will export each of your sections as a slide within a PowerPoint presentation, with the heading placed at the top of the slide and the information from each sticky note and index card listed below. Once the file is opened in PowerPoint you are able to edit the slides however you want. This makes it easy to present your findings to a group.



*NERD ALERT – Skip this section if your nerd card isn’t up to date. *

These exports give you your storm data in three popular data interchange formats. These exports include all ideas, index cards and all ideas inside those index cards.

Let us know if there is another report you’d like. We’re always working to make access to your data easier.

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