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Posted on November 25 2014 in Announcements, Features, Tutorials

We’ve got a great new feature being launched today. Introducing Line Connectors!

Connecting lines make it easier to see relationships between ideas, or to separate tasks or ideas into smaller definitions. Line connectors also create connections between interdependent ideas, without needing to create an index card or keep all the information on one sticky note.

When you hover over a sticky note you will see an arrow appear on each side of the note. Drag the arrow  to the sticky note you’d like to connect (it will snap to the sticky when you get close).

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.17.56 PM

The connectors can also be used to create mind map like organizational structures, with the added power of sticky note features in Stormboard. This will be useful for people who like to spatially organize their ideas. While we don’t have the forced hierarchy of traditional mind mapping, you can definitely use lines to make connections between ideas.

Line Connectors are available free to all users with are some enhanced line features available only to Startup and Team subscriptions.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.12.37 PMIf you are on a Startup or Team plan clicking on the dot in the middle of an existing line will allow you to label the line. This is great for defining what the connection means. You are also able to add directional arrows to define direction of flow or change the color of the line. To try out the enhanced features take advantage of our free 30 day trial on any of our subscriptions.

We hope this feature will come in handy for your upcoming storms. If you have any questions or feedback about it, please contact us.

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