Get Things Done with Task Lists in Stormboard

Posted on November 5 2014 in Features, Inspiration, Templates, Tutorials


Keeping track of your task list isn’t an easy task in itself. You write yourself notes in all kinds of places, paste sticky notes all over your workspace, tie strings around your fingers, and then you forget where you put everything.

If you’re anything like me, you love to cross things off a list. It feels awesome, doesn’t it? But I’m kind of tired of trying to remember where I put that notebook or having to erase whiteboards all the time, so I found a way to keep track of my work using Index Cards to make task lists in Stormboard.

The way Index Cards are set up makes it easy to create your tasks as lines on an Index Card on each day of the week. In my example I have associated a color with each weekday. If you add something to your list on a Monday it will be a yellow sticky, Tuesday a pink sticky, and so on. As you won’t necessarily finish a task on the day you added it, the color of the sticky will help you to remember when that item got added and how long it took to get it done.


Stormboard-Done-Weekly-DropdownYou can move items up and down within a list so you can prioritize your tasks, and when an item is completed it’s easy to drag it from the to-do list it originated from to the Done list on the day it was completed. As a Team subscriber you are also able dive into the substorm (by clicking on the index card stack icon) for each day of the week, to prioritize and define your tasks. When a week has been completed just create another Index Card labeled with the date from that week and drop all your done lists into it. This way you can keep track of previous weeks, while making room for next week’s list.

For those on a Startup or Team plan with reporting capabilities, you can also pull an outline or Microsoft Word report that will clearly lay out all that you have accomplished. This might be useful for itemizing a project or showing others what you’ve been working on.

This is an example of how Stormboard can be put to good use as an individual to stay on track and get things done. Soon we’ll look at ways that groups can harness these features in a collaborative project management environment as well.

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