Outstanding Invites Dashboard

Posted on October 8 2014 in Announcements, Features, Tutorials

We’ve built a simple dashboard to keep track of your outstanding storm invites to see who hasn’t joined the storms you’ve invited them to.

The Outstanding Invites dashboard shows up at the top of your Stormboard homepage when you’re logged in. We automatically hide it if you don’t have any outstanding invites.

Stormboard-InvitedPeople who have been invited to a storm, but have not logged in yet, will show up in the Invited tab. If the user has not responded or has misplaced the invite email you have the option to re-send the invitation. You can also see if someone has opened/read the invite with the mail icon on the left hand of the list.

Stormboard-Invites-BouncedInvites that have been sent to invalid email addresses will show up in the Bounced tab. This way you can fix the email addresses and resend them.

If you have any questions about this new feature, please feel free to contact us.

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