Stormboard is Taking Realtime Sticky Note Collaboration to New Levels with Index Cards!

Posted on October 21 2014 in Announcements, Features, Tutorials

Today Stormboard is releasing an exciting new feature, Index Cards! Just like a physical Index Card, these cards allow you to easily group and organize ideas. Each item on an Index Card is still like any sticky note in Stormboard and can be dragged from the storm to an Index Card or between Index Cards, and back to the board again. Users are able to add an item to an Index Card by simply dropping a pre-existing sticky on top of it, or by clicking to add a new line.

Stormboard-todo-done-listsThis new feature takes sticky note brainstorming to a new level with added hierarchy capabilities that aren’t possible simply using sticky notes on a whiteboard. Index Cards allow users to see a one line preview of sticky notes, and a detailed view of each note by simply hovering over the line representing it. Ideas can also be sorted within an Index Card by dragging them up and down, making it easy to order/rank your ideas. Voting, commenting and color changes are also available on sticky notes within Index Cards and the Index Cards themselves.

This feature will be very handy for things such as task lists (drag a sticky from to-do to done, or to another person’s list), sorting priorities, affinity mapping, or anything else that might benefit from list sorting and idea grouping. Nesting an Index Card inside an Index Card is also possible, kind of like folders on your computer, babushka dolls, or dreams in Inception.

The second new feature is Substorms, which are the storms containing the sticky notes on your Index Card. Users are able to visit substorms and see each sticky note within it on it’s own board. A Substorm can be entered by clicking on the substorm icon on each Index Card. You are also able to vote and comment on any ideas on an Index Card or within a Substorm, change the template inside a Substorm, and generally treat it as it’s own storm, but with the ability to jump back to the main storm with one click.

Stormboard-IndexCardVotingLastly, the addition of Index Cards and Substorms will change the way reporting works. Now a report pulled from the top level storm will include all the information within your Index Cards/Substorms.

Index Cards and Substorms are designed to replace stacks, but previously created stacks will stay as created. Index Cards are included in the free plans, with Substorms being made available to team plan subscribers. If you would like to try out Stormboard to access these new features, sign up for your free account at

Members of the press that would like a personal demo, please contact Please click to view the official press release.

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