Get your Team Members’ Attention Faster with Mentions in Stormboard

Posted on October 15 2014 in Announcements, Features, Tutorials

Stormboard-Mentions-TypeaheadStormboard is designed to make communication fast and easy, through the use of sticky notes and comments. Today we’re taking communication one step further with the addition of the Mention feature.

If you’re familiar with popular apps such as Twitter, you’ll get how this works pretty quickly. Each participant in a storm has a username that you can use to mention them in a sticky note or a comment. When you type the @ symbol and start typing their name, the typeahead function will help you find the correct person within that storm, or within your team if you are subscribed to one of our plans.

When someone is mentioned in a sticky note or comment that person will receive an email notification containing the message they have been mentioned in and who they were¬†mentioned by, with options to reply or simply visit the storm.Stormboard-Mentions-Notification-EmailIt’s as easy as that! You will also be able to see mentions in the activity tab while you’re in a storm, so you won’t need to watch for the email while you’re actively logged in, but you’ll also know when someone needs your attention when you receive an email notification like the one above.

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