October 2014

Stormboard is Taking Realtime Sticky Note Collaboration to New Levels with Index Cards!

Today Stormboard is releasing an exciting new feature, Index Cards! Just like a physical Index Card, these cards allow you to easily group and organize ideas. Each item on an Index Card is still like any sticky note in Stormboard and… Continue Reading →

Get your Team Members’ Attention Faster with Mentions in Stormboard

Stormboard is designed to make communication fast and easy, through the use of sticky notes and comments. Today we’re taking communication one step further with the addition of the Mention feature. If you’re familiar with popular apps such as Twitter,… Continue Reading →

Outstanding Invites Dashboard

We’ve built a simple dashboard to keep track of your outstanding storm invites to see who hasn’t joined the storms you’ve invited them to. The Outstanding Invites dashboard shows up at the top of your Stormboard homepage when you’re logged in. We… Continue Reading →

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