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Posted on August 11 2014 in Templates, Tutorials

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.00.37 PMWhen collaborating with a team, it can be difficult to determine which projects and tasks are top priority. This is where Stormboard’s Matrix Templates come in.

Our library includes templates that determine Impact vs. Effort, Customer Value vs. Time to Market, Urgent vs. Important and Logo Analysis. Each of these templates contains 4 determining factors. For example, the Impact vs Effort matrix contains Low Impact to High Impact on the x-axis and Low Effort to High Effort on the y-axis. So when ideas are placed in the storm the template will allow your team to see how impactful and how much effort an idea will be.

Because all templates in Stormboard are ‘smart’ the reporting function will calculate where ideas are ranked in the matrix. This takes a lot of the manual leg work out of the equation for you.

To try out a matrix template, just select the category when creating a new storm or visit the Storm Setup button in existing storms.

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