Customizable Section Templates in Stormboard

Posted on July 8 2014 in Templates, Tutorials

section templatesWhile Stormboard offers a wide range of templates based on popular business processes, sometimes you need to do a little bit of customization. That’s what section templates are for.

To modify your own section template start by selecting the number of sections you need from the dropdown menu, ranging from three to 15. Once you’ve created your storm a settings wheel will appear in the upper right-hand corner of each section. Just click on that to edit the name and number of each section. Now you have a customized template!

The custom headings you’ve chosen will also appear in all of your reporting along with identifying the ideas that fall under each section. You may also change the number of sections or section headings as many times as you like during the lifetime of the storm.

This type of template is very useful for teams that need a custom template on the fly, but if there is a process that you use regularly that you would like to see a template for, please contact us with your request. If the process is non-proprietary and we think it would be beneficial to other teams, we will add it to our library at no charge.

(Please note that section templates are only available to Team subscribers. Sign up for a free 30 day trial to try them out for yourself.)





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