We often receive questions here at Stormboard about the reporting function in storms. How it works, what it reports on and which reports are best for different uses. Hopefully this blog post will explain a little more about what to expect.

First of all, it’s important to note that all templates in Stormboard are smart templates, which means that our reporting knows which sections sticky notes are located in and reports on them accordingly. Sounds more useful than plain writing on a wall, doesn’t it? So when you get to the point in a storm where you want to start extracting detailed information, you’re able to do that.

Let’s go over the different reporting options available:

Summary Report-400px

1. The Summary Report PDF

The Summary Report is our most extensive report available. It’s just what it sounds like as well. It gives you a good idea of everything that’s going on in a storm, including details on project length, number of participants, number of ideas, comments and popularity of ideas. It also sorts sticky notes by date, votes, idea creator, color, type and template section.

This report is excellent for finding out what ideas are most popular, how much team members are participating and what people are talking about. We know that brainstorming can get a little bit messy, so we created this report to help you sort things out.

(Download a sample PDF Summary Report)

2. Excel Report

Excel Report-600pxThe Excel Report gathers information on each sticky and places it in a spreadsheet in the form of one sticky note per line. Information gathered includes sticky type, position, creator, color and votes, among others.

This report can be really helpful when further sorting needs to be done or information needs to be added.

(Download a sample Excel Report)

Grocery_Delivery_App_Design-WallView-400px3. Wall View PDF

This report captures an image of your entire storm. We know you’ve seen this report before when you take pictures of your whiteboard. But instead of a blurry mess, the data is crisp and clear. Some clients even print out the storms on a plotter to get a life size version of their storm.

(Download a sample Wall View PDF)

wordle-400px4. Wordle

The Wordle Report can be really helpful in getting a feel for what’s happening in a storm. Displaying the most used words and terms in the storm can help to determine what language should be used in a project and what’s most important to the participants.

(Download a sample Wordle)


I hope this blog post has cleared up any questions you may have had about reporting in Stormboard. If you have any others we haven’t addressed here, please feel free to contact us.

The Summary and Wall View PDF reports are available to our startup plan customers while the Excel Report is available only to our team subscribers.

The good news is you can try these on your own storms with our 30 day free trial.