The Collaboration Pyramid

Posted on June 9 2014 in Inspiration

“The key to achieve this change, he said, is to embrace collaborative strategies and tools that reduce the constraints on employees, making it possible for them to engage with anyone at any location at any time. That creates agile work groups that can act quickly, even inside the largest companies.” Oscar Berg quoted by Tom Murphy


I stumbled upon consultant Oscar Berg’s “Collaboration Pyramid” today and thought it was pretty cool that it intersects with how Stormboard is designed to support team collaboration. Most corporate structures are no longer designed to simply revolve around predictable processes; instead a culture of open communication and collaboration is necessary to move the company forward.

In order to follow the “Collaboration Pyramid” a company needs to first embrace the mentality of communication culture, then provide their teams with the right tools to implement it. Stormboard falls in the second category, because we understand how important the first one is.

Have you thought about what your company can do to improve collaboration? Do you have tools and processes in place to make sure you’re harnessing your greatest resource (people, of course). If your answer to either of these questions is no, it might be a good time to start considering how you can change that.

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