Write a Mission Statement That Truly Represents Your Company

Posted on May 22 2014 in Inspiration, Templates, Tutorials

Is your mission statement something that truly represents the core values of your company? Or is it something that a few people thought up over a boardroom table? A mission statement written by a few members of a company will represent the rest of the organization; therefore it should be something they actually agree with.

All too often I think companies rush the process of crafting a mission statement. A lot of companies end up with phrases like “quality”, “solutions”, “customer driven” and “strategic” in their mission statements, even if they don’t really know why. The list of phrases is much longer than the one I just described, but I think you know the kind of jargon I’m talking about. As a result, someone could probably put half a dozen company mission statements in front of me and I wouldn’t be able to tell the companies apart. In this Fast Company blog post two of the mission statements are generated by Dilbert’s Automatic Mission Statement Generator (Unfortunately the generator is no longer online) and it’s pretty difficult to tell which ones they are. Ridiculous, right?

The first step towards crafting an authentic and powerful mission statement is to make sure it truly represents the company. So why not get the whole company involved in writing it? You’re probably thinking I’m crazy for suggesting that you get your entire organization involved in writing your mission statement, but hear me out. Stormboard is going to make this easier for you with our Mission Statement template. This template will get everyone throwing out ideas around the following questions:

  • Why are we in business?
  • How would you describe our services/products?
  • Who are our customers?
  • How do customers perceive us?
  • How do we stand out from the competition?
  • What are our long term goals?

We’ve created the brainstorming space for you already, so now choose who should be in on this brainstorm. Next, get everyone throwing ideas into the storm in every category for a set amount of time. It could be an hour, but even better, give everyone a week to let their ideas distill. Once all the ideas have been posted in a storm you can get everyone to vote on the values they think are most central to the company. I would even recommend not showing the authors of ideas during this brainstorm (if you’re not sure how to do this, just give us a shout), so that all ideas are seen as equal, without any social constraints.

When you’ve completed this process you can use Stormboard’s reporting features to see what ideas came out on top. People often wonder why they would ever need the wordle report, but it would be perfect for this project, because it will let you see what key points are really important to your company. Now you’re ready to start writing!

Write Stormboard’s Mission Statement

(You know you want to…)

To make things a little more fun for our users, we’ve created a storm for building a Stormboard Mission Statement. Just click the link to gain access to the storm. Stormboard is a people driven application, so we love to hear how you feel about the product. We won’t be showing authors of ideas in the storm to the rest of the participants, so feel free to give it a go and play around with this new template. Also, don’t forget to vote on the ideas that you feel best represent Stormboard!


P.S. For more inspiration to get you going on the mission statement writing path pay a visit to these great blog posts, here and here.

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