Editing Others Sticky Notes, with History

Posted on May 27 2014 in Features, Tutorials

A frequent request we get is the ability to edit someone else’s sticky. This is a feature we resisted as we’ve always wanted you to have the confidence that your ideas weren’t tampered with and that the ideas were always in your words, but recently we’ve figured out a good way to keep that transparency and enable that feature for groups who want everyone to be able to edit all ideas.

In order to activate this feature the admin of the storm will need to go into the Storm Setup screen (accessed through the icon on the bottom menu). In this window will be a drop down menu labelled “Edit Any Idea” and options to allow or not allow. Select “Allowed” to make sticky editing available to all participants. Please note that this feature is currently only available to Team subscribers.


To use this feature you simply need to click on the settings wheel on the corner of an existing sticky note and select “Edit”. Once you’ve made your changes just save them and they will appear on the sticky note

Because we don’t want you to lose track of changes that are happening in your storms, we’ve also built in a feature where you can view the changes made to a sticky since it was created.

Just select “Sticky History” from the menu to view it. ┬áSticky History shows who created the idea, each edit to the sticky and any color changes of stickies as well.



Do you have any thoughts on how this feature might help your team? If you have any questions about this feature or need to contact us for any reason, please do!


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